5 Qualities to Look for in Home Health Care

5 Qualities to Look for in Home Health Care

As baby boomers age, their family members are looking for quality health care agencies to care for their beloved elders at home. While there are plenty of agencies in operation, not all maintain the same high standards like SentosaCare , needed to competently care for aging individuals. Here are five important traits associated with high-quality homecare agencies.

Healthcare certifications.

Although there are both private and public health care organizations, check to be sure they hold appropriate licensing and certification. A state license ensures a high level of professionalism and competence. A positive example of this type of organization is SentosaCare.

Effective staff.

Staff-to-patient ratios should meet or exceed state licensing recommendations, even for private agencies, blog, ask Ben Landa and Bent Philipson. This ensures that aging patients receive adequate monitoring and care to keep them safe and healthy. Staff should be trained with current healthcare techniques to provide quality attention and assistance to older people and those who are seriously ill.

Good communication skills.

A professional home healthcare agency like SentosaCare can communicate clearly with patients. Staff members also return family member phone calls or emails to keep relatives informed of loved ones’ care. Detailed daily, weekly, and monthly reports are prepared and shared with family members periodically.


A reliable homecare agency arrives on time and sticks to the schedule as planned. Staff members are prepared to perform the scheduled tasks and are equipped with appropriate supplies. They follow through as expected without being late or making excuses.


A great health care staffing team will ensure that an aging patient feels comfortable with the care being provided. Family members likewise will be treated with respect and courtesy. Everyone will be satisfied with the arrangement, or if changes are needed, they will be made to everyone’s satisfaction.

Finding quality home health care is not difficult when you know what to look for. Check for qualities like these, along with any others your family elder may need, to provide the best possible care for the patient’s golden years.

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