How to find a home healthcare agency if you need part-time care

How to find a home healthcare agency if you need part-time care
Anyone who spends a major amount of time in hospital will often have a difficult time recuperating when they get home ask Ben Landa and Bent Philipson.

After all, it can take weeks to get back to your usual schedule. If you live alone, it can be even more difficult as just being able to do basic day to day activities can be hard.

That is why finding a home healthcare agency  like SentosaCare that can help during your first few weeks back home can often be a good solution. Not just any homecare agency, however, but one like SentosaCare with well-trained caregivers that can help you ease back into your normal life.

How long has the agency been open? — Find a home healthcare agency that has been serving the community for many years. That way you will be more likely to find one with well-trained caregivers, and one that understands any issues or problems you may have.

Are they licensed to practice? — Ask any agency you may be considering if they are currently licensed and, if so, can you see their license.

Some homecare agencies have allowed their licenses to lapse, which may mean they are not legally operating in your community.

If you are not sure if an agency is properly licensed, contact SentosaCare to find out what licensing requirements are in your area, as they are fully licensed.

Will the agency allow family input? — If you have strong relationships with family members, you will want them to have input into how your care plan is set up. Only choose a homecare agency that listens to what family members have to say and then incorporates their wishes into your care plan.

How are caregivers trained? — Be sure that any agency you choose has well-trained licensed caregivers that are also required to keep up with ongoing training. That way they will always be abreast of new treatments should your doctor prescribe one for you.

Do supervisors oversee your care? — You will usually have several caregivers coming in and out of your home over the weeks that you need them. Make sure a supervisor at a healthcare agency you are considering will be monitoring them, and ensuring they are following your care plan and taking good care of you.

Of course, while you can look at a myriad of agencies in your area, you may find that you eventually just go with SentosaCare.

Not only are they one of the most reputable care agencies in the country, but they often simply provide better care than any other agency.

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